Who needs coffee when you have Ruckus Roboticus?



That Girl With A Blog Has Moved!!!

Well, it’s currently in the process of moving anyway. They only let me upload 50 posts a day, and this site has that times about three. So in the next week or so, everything will be moved over there and new posts will be located at:


Make sure to change your RSS feeds, for those of you who have them. Soon I’ll figure out how to give you guys a link for email updates, as well.

Ah, WordPress, I really will miss you. You just took too damn long getting on that AdSense thing. I’ll tell you what…you make that happen and I’ll come back. That sounds like a plan to me.

So, make sure to stop over at the new blog. The importer didn’t include my comments, so leave me some love. It looks so naked over there!

Some Friday Funky Beats

Sometimes, I love Myspace, but wish it wasn’t such a wasteland of spammers and porn-bots. Once in a great while, though, you find some decent things.

Like this guy, Paul Faulkner’s (aka Wainscott or Luna) beats. Some good, old fashioned, electronic music. From the house tracks released under Wainscott or the trance tracks released under Luna, Faulkner’s bringin’ it back, old school.

Great, now I want to go dancing. Curses for living in Pittsburgh.

So for your Friday, have some funky beats to get you through the day. Be sure to catch his other tracks on Myspace, Facebook, or Reverbnation.

“7th Heaven”

“In the System”

Since no one wants to put an actual video of Mike Doughty doing this song on YouTube…

You get this guy doing “Lorna Zauberberg”. Thankfully, he’s pretty good. I’ve been ever so in love with this song since Sad Man Happy Man came out. I’ve periodically checked YouTube since we saw Doughty live back in October, to no avail.

So, check out this guy, Bryce Arthur Hogland, according to his YouTube, covering Mike Doughty’s “Lorna Zauberberg”.

Wait for your train in my car by the station, on the wheel my hands are burning from the cold. What do you dream as you doze against the window and will you tell the dream when you come home?

Virility  is in the house of lesser than and in breakfast we get by on charm alone. The sun beats down on immaculate beige carpets and the plank of spoons bounce off the off-white walls.

I flipped through the music that you left, all the old cassettes that lean against the wall. I ate all the peaches off the shelf and I rearranged the cans into a poem.

Vicious mobs of candy-ravers stalk the night and Methadonians sleep right where they stand. A weeping tranny is cradling a steak knife and you’re happily slugging Rob Royswith your man. (Side note: Think Doughty’s lived in NYC too long?)

I fold all the sweaters in the drawer and I smelled your smell and I held one to my nose. Lay awake to the drizzle on window as the swan neck of the fan sweeps back and forth.

It’s almost the weekend, people. This is all I got.