Christmas, Jools Holland, Iris Murdoch, and other unrelated things…

Happy belated Turkey Day everyone!

This may be the most discombobulated post ever.
It’s been CRAZY busy around here, with the holidays in full swing and all. I swear, the older I get, the more I hate Christmas. Can’t a girl just let out some inner Grinch!? Damn!

Anyway…Jools Holland owns my life. Seriously. This is a recent discovery and so far I’ve seen approximately one bajillion bands who I already love and discovered a few new ones as well. Just in the few episodes watched, I’ve seen Thom Yorke groove right the fuck out to Mary J. Blige, decided that Jamiroquai is now a dirty old man, and discovered that Cat Power is indeed better live than she is on recordings. Her cover of “New York New York” is fucking amazing.

Last night, after Jools (with JAMIROQUAI!), Ovation played Iris, the film portrayal of Iris Murdoch’s life, her writing, her battle with Alzheimer’s, and ultimately, her death. It’s a fantastic movie. And it has Judy Dench in it, who I love.

Check it out sometime.

Random thought of the day: Why are there so many songs about sweaters? Cake, the infamous Weezer, every goddamn Jack’s Mannequin song…? I love sweaters and all, but are they really that musically inspiring? Perhaps it’s the dramas of winter and what they represent. What makes you so important, sweater!?

Riding public transportation will do things like this to you.

Well, stay tuned folks. In the next few weeks there will be a review of Tori Amos‘ Midwinter’s Graces as well as an interview with Mikey Shanley, beach bum, DJ, and very good friend.


Jack’s Mannequin – Daily Show 11/19/09

So I actually stayed up to watch Jack’s Mannequin on the Daily Show last night, which is amazing for me because I’m prematurely elderly and go to sleep at 9:30 most nights. It was absolutely worth the lack of sleep.

This song is amazing…
And Andrew McMahon’s voice is better than ever. The change from the album version to this live version are absolutely astounding. Both are amazing, but this version is just so… incredible.

I have a shameful emo girl crush on Andrew McMahon. And his goddamn hipster beard. I’m not even that into facial hair (unless it’s a soul patch) and for some reason, I just can’t get enough of the hipster beard. WTF is wrong with me!?

Alright, once again, I can’t get this video to embed for the life of me, so go check it out here.

You can check out the info on his documentary here and stalk him here and here. Seriously, go watch that video though, it will rock your socks clean off.

Andrew McMahon and Jack’s Mannequin

Andrew McMahonFrom Something Corporate to his new outfit, Jack’s Mannequin, I’m pretty sure Andrew McMahon is one of my favorite people of all time.

He’s an animal on the piano, an amazing vocalist, a leukemia survivor, and a down-right emo kid through and through.

As Jack’s Mannequin, McMahon and his band have released two albums, Everything In Transit and The Glass Passenger. I would say they’re a bit more raucous and personal than McMahon’s prior efforts with Something Corporate, not that I didn’t love them as well.

It makes me insanely happy that he’s making music again and he’s one of those vocalists that brings me awesome memories.

Funny story: One night, while wandering around Oakland, the big college town here in Pittsburgh, myself and two friends find ourselves outside of…god, where were we…AJ Palumbo? Anyway, we come across this janitor with a DUMPSTER full of belts. Really. So apparently, they were taking studded belts off of all the emo kids attending the Good Charlotte/Something Corporate/Mest show that evening. Well, since we’re so awesome, we procure ourselves some free belts and sneak into said show. I never really realized how easy it was to get into that place. Seriously, we opened the door, walked in, and sat down.

Anyway, we made it in right as Mest finished their set, then Something Corporate comes on. They were absolutely amazing. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember if he lit his piano on fire at the end that time (Mikey, help me on this one!), but I just remember them being awesome. Anyway, I would say that it was well worth it if I had paid to get in.

It was one way to spend a cheap night with friends, and you know what? I totally still have that belt. So, dear Andrew McMahon, sorry for stiffing you out of $15 or whatever your show cost that night. My soul could not rest soundly had I purchased my way into a show that Good Charlotte was playing. I hope you understand.

Jack’s Mannequin – “Dark Blue”

Jack’s Mannequin – “Bruised”

Something Corporate – “Hurricane”
(Awwww! Look how young he is!)