Why I Now Need A Nintendo DS

ScribblenautsOne word: Scribblenauts.
No, let me rephrase that in two words: Fucking. Scribblenauts.

Have you seen this game yet? It’s utterly amazing and absolutely revolutionary in every sense of the word. Scribblenauts is an emergent puzzle game (AND SIDESCROLLER!!11!!!!one!) developed by 5th Cell for the Nintendo DS released last month. It’s real life vs. mad lib according to creator, Jeremiah Slacza. Organized around the Objectnaut database engine, ingeniously created by Marius Fahlbusch, Scribblenauts allows you to conjure up just about anything to help you solve the puzzle at hand. Really.

You’re playing as Maxwell, a cute, round-headed little boy (the rooster hat doesn’t help), who needs to rescue “Starites” to complete each level. These Starites really seem to get themselves into some compromising positions. You find them in trees, on top of buildings, all over the damn place really, and you need to find a way to get to them.

You dip into your dictionary to find whatever you could possibly think could help you in this endeavor…pogo stick, ladder,  trampoline, kite, ham sandwich, Cthulhu, whatever! You have almost limitless (more than 22,800) possibilities here! The dictionary of objects ranges from animals to weapons to forces of nature to people to vehicles to household objects and more. The only things that you WON’T find in Scribblenauts are the trademarked and the profane (which is still up for debate, considering the sambo/watermelon issue).

Check this shit out:

Seriously, this game is amazing and just so…innovative. I haven’t bought a new console specifically for a certain game since the PS2 and Kingdom Hearts. I think that may change very, very shortly, folks. Even though I, personally, have not played this (yet), it still get’s an A!