Straight Arrows – It’s Happening

So, I’m “back” from vacation. Physically back at least, though my brain is still apparently in Aruba. The hardest part of vacation is coming back to real life! Ugh!

While I was gone, though, the Inbox filled up with all sorts of goodies, including the debut album from The Straight Arrows, It’s Happening. The Australian quartet finally has succumbed to the digital age, previously releasing all of their prior efforts on 7″ vinyl. I feel like this is the part where I should insert some terrible hipster joke, but really, they’re kinda fun.

From their press release:

“The Straight Arrows started out with Owen Penglis yelling about getting dumped and kicked out of bands into a four track cassette machine in his bedroom, soon to be joined by Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda, and Adam Williams, all friends with coloured musical pasts.

Slowly the four honed their reverb-laden, catchy, fuzzed out punk garage into something barely listenable and less antisocial. Unable to actually get any shows, Straight Arrows started putting on their own at the notorious (and now abandoned) gay bar The Newtown Hotel, culminating in the release of their first 7 inch record ‘Something Happens/Can’t Count’ on their newly formed label Juvenile Records.

Figuring the only way to sell these (and make their money back on the release) was to force these records in photocopied sleeves into the hands of drunks and connoisseurs, The Straight Arrows started driving up and down the East coast of Australia, playing parties, warehouses, bars; wherever they could, rapidly selling out the release (itself later seeing a repress on the esteemed RIP Society).

Forward two years and no longer kids, now with two more international 7 inch releases sold out, tours and shows with, amongst others (friends, punk slime, and shitheads), Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Black Lips, Jay Reatard (RIP), PLUS a whole cast of bands recorded by Owen in the same method as the early releases (to cassette, in a bedroom or loungeroom, just ask Royal Headache, Circle Pit, The Frowning Clouds, Dead Farmers, or a whole cast of others you haven’t heard YET), the Straight Arrows come forth with full length release “IT’S HAPPENING”.

Graduating into the realm of MEDIUM FIDELITY, the group moved into Tim Done’s home/studio/archaic equipment museum, HANGING TREE, for a few days and recorded direct into his STRICTLY 1950s equipment, resulting in a release where almost all of the instruments can be heard.”

Yeah, this album still sounds like Owen Penglis yelling about getting dumped and kicked out of bands into a four track cassette machine in his bedroom, with some other kids playing on vintage gear tracked down in someone’s parent’s basement/attic/some other equally dusty and mysterious place. I haven’t heard anything like this is ages and it’s pretty awesome.

There was a quote somewheres out there on these intertubes about singer-songwriter fans buying stock in Depends because the mere thought of a real band will make them shit their pants. While I am a fan of the singer-writer (and my pants are still clean), these guys are pretty rad. All in all, it’s got this roots-punk thing going on…like old Stones or Ramones or early Iggy Pop. It’s everything that a good, old-fashioned punk album is supposed to be. Lots of lo-fi yelling, not a track over three minutes, and a distinct vibe that makes me want to get drunk and smoke cigarettes and run into people on a poorly lit dance floor.

Ahhh, and here’s that quote:

“Super crude power pop punker that would leave most of you Posies, Big Star, jingly jangly “songwriters” shitting your pants. The aforementioned Jingly Jangly crowd should maybe check some adult Diapers, because a full-lengther just got put down on tape!!” – Tom (

Check ’em out for yourself. Here’s my personal fave, “Bad Temper”:

You can also keep tabs on the band on their Facebook or Myspace. B for you, Straight Arrows!


A well deserved break…and Two Door Cinema Club.

So, That Girl With A Blog and The Husband are going on vacation! I’ll see you suckahs March 15th. In the meantime, entertain yourselves with Two Door Cinema Club. I heart them, lots. They’re like an Irish Phoenix! (And proof that gingers DO have souls? Discuss quietly amongst yourselves.) Have a great week, everybody!

“What You Know”

“I Can Talk” (On Jools Holland!)

“Undercover Martyn”

“Something Good Can Work” (My personal favorite…)

“Come Back Home”

More Google Hate, Funny Videos, and Fluffy Bunnies

*spewing red hot, giant amounts of anger*

If I could audibly make a growling sound through the internet, I would be a happy camper right now. Check this out from the Black Hat SEO Forums:

02-26-2011, 07:51 AM
Hi guys
I am newbie in this and I have problem so any help is very welcome,
I purchased some traffic recently and I don’t know is that a reason, I don’t see anything else,but my adsense account is disabled,day later all the traffic in google analytics is gone as well.Can somebody advise me what to do to get my account back on track if its possible at all,or what to do in case that it is not possible.

Well doesn’t THAT sound familiar! I am making insanely angry faces underneath my home-made Daft Punk mask right now. So, essentially, what appears to be happening here is that Google is offering free trials of AdWords to get more traffic to your blog, and then shutting your AdSense account down because of the increased traffic.

Well played, Google, well played. I am so glad that I am not a part of that trainwreck any more. In fact, this whole “divorcing Google” thing is actually going pretty well. Soon, I should be able to close my accounts entirely. Really, the only hold up is the whole YouTube/Google issue. AKA: My YouTube account is linked to my Google. All I need to do is make sure that the videos I have on there, I still have the original files from. There’s things on there that I simply don’t want to lose, like the live Mike Doughty footage or the interview with Mikey Shanley.

There mere prospect of being Google free is so exciting. Soon, I hope! Soon, I will be such a person.

Hey! And did you notice the new theme!? Pretty rad, huh? Thanks to Stacey Leung for rockin’ that thing!

Also, it’s Friday soooo…have some videos.

“Rejection Letter Baby”

“Charlie Bit Me”

Also, look at this adorable, fluffy bunny:

Yes, his name is Tater Tot! Awesome.

AHHH! Where is your FACE fluffy bunny!?

Yeah, that’s all I got. Have a great weekend errbody!

Israel Cannan – Walk

At the tender age of 18, Israel Cannan did what the rest of us wanted to do at that age…he got in a van with a friend and just…went. He spent a little under three months touring Australia, the US, and London, presenting his “music to the people in a new and organic way…in the streets”. 21,484Kms, 124 towns and cities, and 88 sunsets later, he was ready to start the process of creating his own, full-length album, Walk. And when I say creating, I really mean creating. He did all of the instrumentation, writing, production, and recording. From his press release:

Some might call it a rite of passage or coming of age. Whatever it was, it was a musician’s inspirational and personal journey that saw him cross a continent…

In 2010, singer/songwriter Israel Cannan left his home on the East Coast of New South Wales to travel around Australia, creating, inspiring and promoting as he went.

Completing his debut album “Walk” on which he wrote, engineered and played all the instruments, Israel strapped his guitar to his back and set off in an old van with a friend by his side to film the experience and share his journey with the world.

Driving through every state in Australia and visiting some of the most remote places on Earth, Cannan spent months playing for locals and handing out free singles from the album to people on street corners all over the country.

Israel said of his journey: “I have never wanted to wait around for some elusive big break that may or may not come. There is a whole world of people out there that will connect with what I do, I just have to find them…”

What ensued was an amazing journey, both physically and personally for Israel as his album “Walk” was given birth to in the hearts and minds of the people he met.

All in all, it’s a pretty good album. Laid back in that surf-y Jack Johnson way, but with better vocals. Imagine if Eddie Vedder didn’t suck…that’s kinda what this guy reminds me of. I wouldn’t go as far to compare him to a new-age Bob Dylan, but with a few more years and stories under his belt, I think he could be. He’s already working on it on “One Fine Day”. In an industry of record company manufactured musicians, there’s still quite a few kids out there making and promoting their own music, and that’s awesome. For once, somebody’s not waiting for that “big break”, but making it themselves.

I have to say that “Set Me Free” is my fave track of the album so far. Check it out…

“Set Me Free”

You can check out the latest news on Cannan on his site, Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter, and check out all the videos from the tour on his YouTube. B!