Mikey Shanley – “Vampires Unite” + Rolling Stone!?

Well, Mikey Shanley is back at it again! If you’re not familiar with Shanley, he’s the coast-to-coast Golden Child of house music. Seriously, from Key West to Toronto, Pittsburgh to Seattle, he’s rocked the entire damn continent. (For more info, just go check out his damn site  already and get it over with. And while you’re there, you might as well check out his free, monthly podcasts as well.)

Make sure to check out his latest track, “Vampires Unite”. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, as well as a few other vendors (ihearmusic, Spotify, and eMusic), but if you buy it before August 13, 2011 on Amazon, you’ll get six months of Rolling Stone for ONE DOLLAR. So seriously, you’re getting 6 months of a magazine and an MP3 for a grand, whopping total of $1.89. In times like these, what better way to get your music fix? Now, I did buy mine while I was logged into my Amazon account and got an email with the offer a few days later. It’s not an immediate thing, but you’ll get a code and a link in your email and you can take it from there.

As for the track itself, it’s certainly out of Shanley’s usual realm of bumpin’ house tracks and even the early days of hardcore. Delightfully creepy, it’s mere inches on the correct side of that fine line between industrial inspired, dark wave electronic and campy, Halloween music that you find on 99¢ CDs at the Halloween stores in the fall. We also get a little taste of Shanley himself on the vocals (oops! Am I supposed to tell you that!?) which brings me way back to the good ol’ days when he still fronted local bands and before the infatuation with electronic music even began.

It’s not just Halloween appropriate though… It’s ear candy to all deep and tech house aficionados and even trance fans alike. It’s got a hypnotic, down-tempo groove with a deep, dark side that lingers right there. Ready to jump out and get you at any given moment.

In the meantime, check this shit out from Ultraviolet in Pittsburgh back in June. If you ever doubt Shanley’s capabilities, keep in mind that it was about 110° in that tiny, tiny little club, and he still manages to rock the fuck out. (Sorry for the sound, guess you’re just gonna have to go download the track for better quality!)

Mikey Shanley @ Ultraviolet 6/18/11


One thought on “Mikey Shanley – “Vampires Unite” + Rolling Stone!?

  1. Freaking awesome surprise to wake up to today! Thank you Amanda! Truly appreciated. Although this current track (Vampires Unite) keeps to a deep/tech house (even techno) structure and really bleeds through (subject wise) with my personal obsession of vampires and the nightlife. I really liked the idea of allowing other elements like personal interests and fantasy to be shown in my EDM (electronic dance music). I feel that few do that the way I did and that it is a personal “stamp” on the track that Vampires Unite is undoubtedly “MIkey”.

    I agree that there is a trance like quality to the track. I like to think that that is the fantasy like-subject (vampires) coming through, personally. I feel that even though this is tech house/techno, goths/the industrial crowd/dark ravers/synth pop lovers could vibe on it. Plus, what better song for clubbers/party people/ravers and the like to bump during the fall season – Halloween.

    My next track will bring us back to a more straight forward funky house vibe. Sick vocals, jacking electro bass line and a new skool funk feel – with a Mikey twist, of course.

    Thank you again, Amanda!

    bless, Mikey

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