So I Have A Blog

I have typed and deleted in this little box about 15 times already. Blogging is way harder than I thought. So here goes…

I wanted to just start out with a blog of things that I thought were interesting or whatnot, but I have this urge to type things about me in here for the first post. I got this account to blog about things that I like, things that I hate, things that happen in my life, all that jazz.

And when it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to realize that you really don’t have any substance.


Well, here goes nothing:

A Little About Me
I’m a 20-something married girl living in Pittsburgh.
I’m actually pretty lame now that I think about it.
I work a full-time corporate whore job. It pays the bills.
I go places, I do things, most of them will probably end up reviewed on here.

Can I start a real blog now? Yes.