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{June 21, 2010}   The A-Team Movie Review or Why I Began To Worry and Pray For A Nuclear Bomb!

Check out this hilarious guest blog from the incredibly talented Dave Rahner!


Creating a review of this movie is an extraordinarily decisive process for me simply because the movie in question has had a huge impact on my life. Therefore I am obligated to do my best by writing a good review.

If I’m being completely honest at my initial viewing of the movie I was completely taken aback by the effects. I have a recollection of thinking that this movie was one of the most romantic films I had ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Also having always been a romantic comedy fan and a fan of pictures that were based on comics, the transitional part of the story was extremely appealing to me and my girlfriend. This , all things considered, elevated the pleasure I derived from watching the film to a large degree. I cannot attest to saying that I have seen all the underlying attributes because this movie is in all senses of the word packed with them.

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