So, last night was the “Lady Gaga” (I use this term loosely) episode of Glee, “Theatricality”. I had never actually sat down and watched an episode of this show, but I figured, “Hey! I love Lady Gaga! This is gonna be awesome!”.

…not. So. Much.

How dare they use the name of Gaga to get ratings when they use TWO, count them, TWO songs, one of which was such a horribly butchered version of “Poker Face”, I just went to bed. That was the straw that broke the blogger’s back. I’m actually a little nauseous just thinking about it.

Glee‘s “Poker Face”:

Are you kidding me? THIS, “POKER FACE” is what you choose to sing with your MOTHER as some sort of incredible bonding experience? If I was your mother, I would beat the hell out of you for being such a jackass. I don’t know about you guys, but singing a duet with my mother involving anything even remotely related to “my muffin” does not sound like a good time. Do the makers of Glee even know the implications of that song?!

The only part of this show that is any good is the lovably stupid principal who things that all goth kids and Twilight fans are actual vampires. That guy, I like. And the weird Asian goth girl is okay. I want to love the weird, flamboyant gay kid, but no. Can’t even do that. In case you couldn’t tell, this show is epically cliche. You have: The Slutty Cheerleader, The Sassy Fat Black Girl, The Gay, The Sensitive Jock, The Asian Goth, The Handicapped Kid, and The Princess. Really? Hasn’t this been done to death already? John Hughes would kick your ass, Glee.

Glee‘s “Bad Romance”:

This one didn’t make a part of my soul die, thankfully. Nothing like “Poker Face”, but it’s certainly no Lady Gaga. This sounded like such a good idea once upon a time. I just lost an hour of my life to this show. Fool me once, Glee, fool me once…

I’ve learned my lesson: Glee = EPIC FAIL.


RIP: The Remix Manifesto

So I saw this on the Documentary Channel last night and it absolutely blew my mind. RIP: A Remix Manifesto, an open source documentary directed by Brett Gaylor, is two and a half hours of battling copyrights. It touches on medical equipment, music, art, bloggers, DJs, music piracy and more.

What I thought was incredibly funny was Girl Talk appearing in this. This guy went to my high school and now he’s out there face-fucking the RIAA. It’s pretty awesome. Also, totally didn’t know that he was a biomedical engineer. Also, pretty awesome. I was just having the conversation with my husband the other day of why I think it’s bullshit that you can patent medical equipment. Have we really become that greedy and paranoid that we would rather patent potentially life changing medical advances and make a buck than to improve the quality of life for millions of people?

Like the Brazilians. They’ve just said a big ‘ol “Fuck You” to the music industry and started doing their own thing. And what makes it all the better is that this revolution was started by their Minister of Cultural Affairs at the time, Giberto Gil. Some of the mixes being created down there are simply phenomenal. Things that you would never expected to be mashed up…well, there they are. I can’t remember who said it or what the exact quote was but it was something along the lines of the fact that there is not originality anymore. Originality is mixing two things that have never been mixed before.

Dan O’Neill is a fucking madman and I love him for it. The cartoonist and and founder of the Air Pirates, a group sued by the Walt Disney Corporation in the 70’s, still just can’t stop drawing that mouse doing decidedly un-Disney-like things, including dealing drugs and going down on a female companion. It’s hysterical actually, and it’s amazing what they’ve done to keep that mouse under wraps, but The Mouse Liberation Front lives on, 40 years later.

Also included was Jammie Thomas. Remember her? The single mother who made less than $4,000 annually, but the RIAA decided it would be okay to fine her $222,220 for uploading 24 songs to Kazaa? Yeah, that Jammie Thomas. It would take her the rest of her life to pay that off if she gave them every penny that ever came to her name. It’s ridiculous.

Copyrighting ideas is slowly ruining the creative future of the world. Check out this documentary. Watch it. Remix it. Share it. Enjoy it.

You can buy the DVD here, or you can find a torrent. Your choice. 😉 Also, you can find the entire documentary in eleven-ish parts over on YouTube.

The end credits cracked me right the fuck up last night. Here they are:

Check out this Girl Talk madness:

Crazy Brazilian DJs:

Dan O’Neill:

Johnny Weir and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

I am more interested in men’s figure skating right now than necessary, all due to a saucy little diva named Johnny Weir. Me, Lady Gaga, and Johnny Weir need to hang out. For serious.

Somehow, I started watching Be Good Johnny Weir on the Sundance Channel recently…I’m sure it was one of those “it came on after something else” scenarios, but quickly, I was launched headlong into the world of trash television. I’ve never been one to watch reality shows. I’m not a Jersey Shore watcher or a Whoever of Love fan, but I absolutely cannot get enough of Johnny Weir and his ridiculous antics.

The initial pilot is an hour long introduction to Johnny called Pop Star On Ice and opens with him in a blond wig in a bathtub with his best friend and roommate Paris Chilton. Hilarity and ridiculousness ensue, but there’s the serious side of the actual figure skating. From playing dress up in his famously controversial furs, to visits to the tailor, to his rivalry with peer skater Evan Lysacek,  and dealing with his overbearing Russian coach, Galina, there is never a dull moment. Johnny Weir is certainly not a dull person!

He grew in in Pennsylvania (represent!) and started skating in a frozen fucking cornfield! At the relatively late age of 12, Johnny started his life in professional skating, landing his first axel just weeks into training. He’s had some rough patches and dissapointments over the years, but Johnny’s made his way back to the Olympics. He’s made figure skating glamorous. What he lacks in athleticism, he certainly makes up for in performance. He’s over the top and I absolutely love him for it. Check out his short performance below.

Um, LOVE HIM! I can’t wait to catch his free skate, tonight on NBC. Also make sure to check out Be Good Johnny Weir on the Sundance Channel, Mondays at 10:30pm.

Also, see!? Lady Gaga! It was meant to be!

And once again, Jools Holland…

Again! Again with the Jools Holland! Last night’s episode was actually a repeat from 2003, but I’m new to Jools, so you’ll have to forgive me.

Last night’s line up included The Darkness, Moloko, Nick Cave, The Thrills, Simply Red, Sam Brown, and even Jools himself on the piano. He really does kick ass. Nick Cave was sufficiently creepy, the guy from The Darkness was absolutely hysterical, but Moloko takes the cake on this one…absolutely fantastic!

Check ’em out. Moloko – “Sing It Back”
*Make sure you watch this ’til the end. It’s worth it.

The Darkness – ” I Believe In A Thing Called Love” His outfit is truly phenomenal.

Nick Cave – “He Wants You”

Christmas, Jools Holland, Iris Murdoch, and other unrelated things…

Happy belated Turkey Day everyone!

This may be the most discombobulated post ever.
It’s been CRAZY busy around here, with the holidays in full swing and all. I swear, the older I get, the more I hate Christmas. Can’t a girl just let out some inner Grinch!? Damn!

Anyway…Jools Holland owns my life. Seriously. This is a recent discovery and so far I’ve seen approximately one bajillion bands who I already love and discovered a few new ones as well. Just in the few episodes watched, I’ve seen Thom Yorke groove right the fuck out to Mary J. Blige, decided that Jamiroquai is now a dirty old man, and discovered that Cat Power is indeed better live than she is on recordings. Her cover of “New York New York” is fucking amazing.

Last night, after Jools (with JAMIROQUAI!), Ovation played Iris, the film portrayal of Iris Murdoch’s life, her writing, her battle with Alzheimer’s, and ultimately, her death. It’s a fantastic movie. And it has Judy Dench in it, who I love.

Check it out sometime.

Random thought of the day: Why are there so many songs about sweaters? Cake, the infamous Weezer, every goddamn Jack’s Mannequin song…? I love sweaters and all, but are they really that musically inspiring? Perhaps it’s the dramas of winter and what they represent. What makes you so important, sweater!?

Riding public transportation will do things like this to you.

Well, stay tuned folks. In the next few weeks there will be a review of Tori Amos‘ Midwinter’s Graces as well as an interview with Mikey Shanley, beach bum, DJ, and very good friend.

Dead Like Me

Dead Like MeDead Like Me is a hilarious comedy starring Ellen Muth as George, the newly dead 18 year old who is having a little trouble coming to terms with being a grim reaper, Mandy Patinkin as Rube, the boss of it all, Callum Blue as Mason, the awfully cute degenerate, and Jasmine Guy as Roxy, the frisky meter maid. The show ran from 2003-2004 on Showtime.

It’s a contemporary tale of grim reapers, but not as we know them. In this version, they don’t actually wear cloaks and carry scythes, they work as meter maids and temp agents and construction workers and teachers and customer service representatives. They’re everywhere! Also, when they take your soul, they empty your pockets and squat in your apartment. Well, you don’t need those things and who knew that grim reapers don’t get paid!? When it comes to the practical side of things, the reaping of the souls and the escorting in the afterlife, well yeah, they still do that. They just do it with a little more style and flair.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I actually just started this series myself. I’ve only watched the pilot and the first disc of the season, so I won’t even be able to spoil much for you! How ’bout them apples!?

George, the protagonist and narrator,  is your typical, unenthusiastic, unmotivated 18 year old living at home with her family including her mother, Joy, her father, Clancy, and her little sister Reggie. After dropping out of college, George then begins working at Happy Time Temporary Services. This is where we meet Delores Herbig, as in her big brown eyes! *vomit* That lady is too happy for ANYONE to bear. On her lunch break that very first, fateful day, George is hit by a toilet seat plummeting toward Earth from the MIR Space Station. Suckass way to die, huh? Hence the nickname, Toilet Seat Girl.

The bummer for George though, is that shortly after death, she is informed that not only will she not be going to the great, big, shiny afterlife; she’s going to be a grim reaper. A grim reaper in the “External Influence Department”, aka accidents, suicides, and homicides. Understandably, George has some issues with this. For this grim reaper gig, each day, George is given a post-it with someone’s name, location, and ETD (estimated time of death). She accompanies Mason on a few assignments, which are never a letdown in the comedy department, then she is finally released to do some assignments on her own.

George’s first “assignment” is just a little girl on a train. Who the hell would WANT to take the soul of a little girl!? It is just kinda wrong…and especially for a first assignment. So, needless to say, George doesn’t do it…at first. Apparently in Dead Like Me world, if a soul is not taken when the body dies, it rots in there. If the person’s body is still alive, the soul withers and dies inside it, thus making terrible people. If this is true, there have been some seriously slacking grim reapers in the world. It would have nice to have someone to blame for all the assholes in this world, though. Secondly, if the body dies and the soul is not removed, you’re basically alive, trapped inside a dead shell of a body. Super creepy. So at this point, George gets her first lecture from Rube on why you NEED to take the souls of these people.

Then, George boycotts. Rube slips post-its under her door and she decides that if she doesn’t take them, it doesn’t count. If there is no skin-to-post-it contact, she’s in the clear.

If only that were the case.

I won’t get too far into it, as to not spoil anything for you, but chaos ensues and then they end up with a back log of souls to take and it’s pretty fucking funny to watch Mandy Patinkin apologizing to the casualties of faulty exercise equipment.

Definitely check this show out. It’s funny and macabre and charming all at the same time.

Dead Like Me