Amy Heffernan – Friggin’ Little Know It All

Two things that I love include pop music and Canadians. Amy Heffernan has ’em both. The Canadian radio darling has just released her second album, Friggin’ Little Know It All and it’s a mix of everything I love and hate about pop music and female vocalists in general. Some of the songs are right at that “mediocre” level, but there’s this cluster of pure pop gold in the middle of the album that completely makes you forget about that sub-par song that you just heard two tracks ago.

From the press release:

“Amy Heffernan has never doubted music is what she was born to do. From the moment she saw the video for the No Doubt’s “Just A Girl,” she declared “That’s it – that’s what I want to do!” Years later, she is living out her childhood dream.

After receiving a 10K20 Grant from Rawlco Radio, Amy began work on her second full-length album, Friggin’ Little Know It All in late 2010 along with her brother Doug Heffernan and writing partners Steve Giles and Cal Curtis. [Released on] May 3, 2011, the album features everything from party anthems like “Friggin’ Little Know It All” and “Crap” to upbeat love confessions in songs like “Perfect” and the Boney M cover “Rasputin”. The spunky first single “Dance Ourselves Sober” is already making waves at radio.

Starting out as a drummer and touring North America with Juno-nominated artist Janelle, Amy then packed her gear, left her oil city home, Fort McMurray, AB, and headed south to Los Angeles to team up with her older brother, Doug.

“My debut EP is my baby, but it’s way too serious,” Amy explains. “I can be serious, but not ALL the time”. Amy immersed herself in the music scene of L.A. going to as many clubs to watch as many different acts as she could. Steering away from the typical singer/songwriter artists, she and went to watch such acts as Lady Gaga, Robyn and Juliet and The Romantiques.

The music industry got their real first taste of this emerging pop artist in spring 2010 when Amy was invited to perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario, catching the attention of several label, music and radio tastemaskers. Canadian radio responded immediately to the infectious single “Being Awesome” and its follow-up “Dance Ourselves Sober,” building momentum on playlists from coast-to-coast.”

As for the album itself, you have tracks like “Friggin’ Little Know It All”, a No doubt flavored tune with the anger of Liz Phair and the syncopation of Fiona Apple along side songs like “Perfect”, an infectiously catchy tune (seriously found myself singing along after two listenings) easily from the end credits of a teenage rom-com, next to songs like karaoke anthem, “Being Awesome”. All three of those are definitely “singing in the shower” worthy.

But, then you have some tracks that, while not entirely falling flat, have just been done to death already like “Dance Ourselves Sober”, a slightly cleaner version of Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance” and “Creepin’ Me Out”, a younger man’s version of Ke$ha‘s “D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R.”.

I’ve been hearing a lot of “Pink” thrown around while referencing this album, and I’m just not hearing it. I think more “Shakira” (though I do not know the status of Amy Heffernan’s hips). She’s got a unique inflection that is certainly not for everyone’s tastes, but happens to be for mine.

Heffernan seriously has so much potential and I’ve been trying to keep in mind the fact that this is only her second album. It’s right around that high C, low B range, but because the she has the potential to be super ultra awesome, she gets a B. She’s definitely one to watch out for, though. Check out some of the tracks below and you can find out for yourself. You can also find out more about Amy on her Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.

“Perfect” (Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention how adorable she is, too!? I guess I did.)

“Being Awesome”

“Friggin’ Little Know It All”


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