Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Sometimes it amazes me how much I genuinely enjoy Dave Grohl considering the amount of hatred I have for Nirvana. In fact, I think you should see this, right now.

Alright, now that that’s done, Foo Fighters have yet another album, Wasting Light, making a grand total of seven full length albums in sixteen years. It’s almost impossible to keep tabs on these guys anymore, they’ve got so much going on. You have Dave Grohl with the whole Them Crooked Vultures thing in addition to helping out Slash on his self-titled album, making cameos on tour with Tenacious D, and hanging out with Paul McCartney. Then there’s the rest of the band reportedly getting back with Sunny Day Real Estate (Nate Mendel), making their own home-style side projects (Chris Shiflett), and doing MORE stuff with Slash (Taylor Hawkins), you wonder how these guys have time to sleep, much less make new albums and tour.

Well, however they do it, the seasoned veterans of rock have managed to crank out another solid album. By far the heaviest that I’ve heard from the guys, it’s a full 180 from Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace. While ESPG was made of the stuff that sells out Wembley, it seems that the Fighters have made an album that they wanted to make.

A throw back to the early days, Wasting Light could have just as easily come out in 1994. Produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana’s Nevermind) with a surprise appearance by Krist Novoselic and the full-fledged return of Pat Smear, I feel like I should be looking for my old flannels and Docs somewhere. Also incredible, is the fact that after all of these years and all of that hard work, this is the FIRST Foo Fighters album to debut at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200. Crazy, right? It’s about time, though, the boys deserve it.

As for the album itself, this isn’t the Foo Fighters that you hear on the radio. Opening with the guttural growl of Grohl on “Bridge Burning”, you don’t get a break until track ten, “I Should Have Known”, with it’s Kings of Leon-esque vibe. You also get tracks like the beautiful “Arlandia”, a haunting and melodic nursery rhyme side by side (literally) with tracks like “White Limo”, another heavy track with a little help from Motorhead’s Lemmy. Perhaps a gift to the fans of the old Probot days? It certainly sounds like it. While I hate to admit it, the first single “Rope”, is my favorite song so far. What can I say? I love Dave Grohl’s voice and this is the highlight of it on this album. It also has just the right amount of pop-song catchiness, without being overdone.

While most rock bands would have at least plateaued (if not dive bombed) by this point, Foo Fighters are still out there making consistently good records, which gives me hope for music in general. This album is downright satisfying. It’s everything a quintessential rock album should be, so it gets a resounding A from me. Check it out for yourself…it’s streaming for free on their Myspace now. You can also check out their site, Facebook, or Twitter for more news.

“Rope (Deadmau5 Remix)”


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