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{May 12, 2011}   OMG, That Girl With A Blog is All Up in Your Newsfeed! With some Dom Liberati!

What’s that? I’m back from the dead? Perhaps.
Zombie girl blog! Rawwwwwwr!
Anyway…there ARE new things coming, I promise. In the meantime, have this fun video from Dom Liberati. From the press release:

“Liberati’s sound pays homage to his influences, blending The Police with Jimmy Eat World and Kings of Leon. His confessional songwriting connects with anyone pining for a past love or exploring the journey of self-awareness. Produced collaboratively with such partners as Michael Linney, Jon Levy and fellow LA rising stars The Daylights, the collection of songs that comprise The Good Hurt eloquently document life, love and the struggle to make sense of them both.

“I have always sought to use my music as a unifying, positive force,” he explains.

A musician since age 12, Dom Liberati got the break of a lifetime in 2009 when Activision chose to use his song “Love Holds it Down” for their massively successful Guitar Hero franchise. Riding the success, Liberati can be found frequently playing legendary venues on the Sunset Strip, including The House of Blues and Whisky A Go-Go. While the uniqueness of being both bassist and front man can be a challenge, Liberati effortlessly commands attention. His seasoned stage presence is owed to the past decade spent as a touring and session bassist as well as touring alongside bands like Lovedrug and Seabird. Liberati’s band features standout players in their own right – Tony Solis on guitar, whose credits include stints with Don Henley and John Legend, and B.C. Taylor, Liberati’s cousin and a standout session player in his own right, on drums. The combination of talent that makes up this trio results in the kind of memorable live show that can’t help but win over an audience.”

He’s a fun dude. He reminds me of 90’s one hit wonders, but the good ones. A little Third Eye Blind meets Dishwalla or Dexter Freebish meets Rhett Miller. He’s got a radio friendly cleanliness, but not in an overtly offensive way. I think he’s got a whole lot of potential, and I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the rest of his sophomore album, The Good Hurt.

For the time being, check out the first track, “We Own the Night”. It’s good for you. You can also keep up on all the latest news on his site, Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.

“We Own the Night”


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