Gorillaz – The Fall

So, I got this album forever ago and plain ol’ forgot about it. That’s terrible. It’s not even in my “Recently Added” music in Media Player any more. Shit.
Well, according to Metacritic, today’s the release date anyway, so here it is…

Well, Gorillaz are bangin’ ’em out one after another, apparently. Plastic Beach has barely cooled from the presses and they’ve released their fourth studio album, The Fall. It is kinda cool how all the members are slowly getting their own albums, basically. Their first, self-titled album was apparently Russel Hobbs’ making, Demon Days was Noodle’s brain child, Plastic Beach was Murdoc Niccals’ call to nature, and now we have The Fall, a product of Stuart Tusspot.

“[The Fall] is mostly just me…something more gentle and just…well…it’s just me and an iPad really mucking about…trying out some stuff. Just looking at America and then tapping on the screen…I’m not really concentrating too hard on it…. So, right, each album got all of us on it somewhere, but each time it’s…more of one of us than the others…. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.” – 2D (Stuart Tusspot)

Just so you know how far this example extends, from band mate Murdoc:

“Well, this is curious…. I don’t remember recording this one at all. A whole album…and nothing. But it’s got the Gorillaz name on it so I must have done it! Did I? Really? Yeah…I probably did. Did it on an iPad using all the music apps…”

Hah. Anyway…I was shocked at how little Plastic Beach sounded like the Gorillaz I had come to know and love, but apparently this is just what Gorillaz sound like, now, and I’m okay with that. While Plastic Beach was the first down tempo effort, it had a lazy, breezy feel…”very rum and pirate-y” according to Tusspot. The Fall is it’s urban, jazzy, trip-hoppy brother. He’s the more distinguished of the pair. He wears tweed jackets with elbow pads and not in an ironic way. He would never drink a PBR, so he can’t even be misconstrued as a hipster. He’s just…cool.

This album is a great candidate for continuous play. Everything seems to ebb and flow into everything else and it’s pretty awesome. It’s understated and quite frankly, a beautiful, cohesive album. It’s amazing to think that it was recorded in a hotel room in 32 days by a person simply poking around on an iPad. While abstract, it’s certainly not cheap or boring.

Also, while Plastic Beach was laden with droves of hype and big name cameos, there’s a distinct lack of any of that on this album, proving that Gorillaz are just as good without all the bells and whistles. Apparently Plastic Beach is being hailed as the groups superlative effort, but I prefer The Fall. Check it out for yourself, but this album gets a solid A from me.

“Phoner to Arizona”

“Revolving Doors”


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