Sounds Like Brisbane

Usually, samplers don’t make it onto That Girl With A Blog, but this one’s a little different. It actually ended up in my inbox quite some time ago and got lost in the shuffle, but I’m really glad that it ended up on top again.

Like most samplers, Sounds Like Brisbane has it’s hits and misses, but for what it’s worth, it’s a great mix of music. Seventeen different labels including Plus One Records, Mere Noise (Dangermen, El Borracho), Dew Process (The Living End, Mumford & Sons, The Hives, Ben Lee, Freelance Whales, Tokyo Police Club, Dropkick Murphys), Turkeyneck, Room 40, Someone Good, Pinnacles Music, SUGARRUSH, Lofly, El Nino El Nino, Red Tape Entertainment, Starving Kids (who have a band called the Winnie Coopers! WIN!), Valve Records, Obisidian Records, 777 Operations, and Useless Arts Records combine to make just as many tracks of everything from garage rock and indie to jazz to hip-hop to country and pop.

Highlighting artists including DZ DEATHRAYS, Mr Maps, The Optimen, The Medics, and Jackie Marshall, I Heart Hiroshima, My Fiction, The Rational Academy, Mr. Maps, Lawrence English, Ektoise, Marialy Pachenko, The Medics, Carry Nation, Halfway, Texas Tea, The Good Ship, Undead Apes, and Regurgitator it spans genres to create the perfect blend of all that’s happening in hot and rainy Brisbane.

The two artists that stand a head taller that everyone else are Ektoise and My Fiction. Ektoise with their instrumental trip-hop track “The Thought Police” and My Fiction’s rockin’  “Shanghai Surprise”.

My Fiction = awesome. From their bio on Myspace:

“Their sound? It’s indie rock without the baggage. My Fiction know what makes people move, and how to connect. The big guitars, bigger melodies and powerful bottom end all combine to make something immediate, but with depth. Lyrically powerful, their songs leave plenty of room for emotional connection.”

Take David Bowie, OK Go, The Cure, The Darkness, and She Wants Revenge, and My Fiction is their illegitimate, musically inclined love child. The Brisbane rock quartet comprised of Danny Murphy, Mike Willmett, Eric Robinson, Jimmi Laubscher just released their new album Fire Romance Fire and are in the midst of a whirlwind tour. I think these guys might be a new addiction. Check ’em out:

“Every June”

Also awesome, is Ektoise.  A full 180 from My Fiction, the band sports a lofty 7 members who all contribute to their incredibly full sound. From the bio on their site:

“Ektoise fuse live performance with meticulously programmed electronics, obscure Eastern instruments and the latest digital toys to make music unlike any you’ve heard before. Drawing from a fascination with all forms of music, Ektoise combine their favourite parts of Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Shoegaze, Trip-Hop, Metal, Drone, Noise and Avant-garde to build a sound that is entirely their own.”

Tru dat. These guys are awesome. Their sounds varies from ambient to trip-hop, to noise to, borderline industrial without being one giant, musical mess. They creative a cohesive and inspired sound entirely their own. Also awesome? You can download almost every album they’ve ever made, including remixes FO’ FREE on their website. Rad. And the only one you can’t download for free is only $8 and it’s brand spanking new, so that can be expected. Check em’ out:

“The Thought Police (Bitten by the Black Dog)”


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