Kat McGivern – Kamikaze Heart

I really do enjoy good, not insane female artists. Women like Sara Bareilles, Jem, Poe, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, Bat For Lashes, Erin McKeown, and apparently now, Kat McGivern are paving the way for a future that doesn’t involve crotch shots, cocaine, yet another DUI charge, or other general cases of celebrities behaving badly.

She seems like a perfectly normal, twentysomething, New England girl, who just happens to have an awesome voice. Not only is she a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, she also does jewelry and photography!

From her press release:

Kat McGivern is not afraid to tell you what she thinks, and you’ll definitely want to listen.

The Boston-based firecracker began her music career at age 13, performing at a local open mic night. Growing up in a family of musicians, Kat initially taught herself traditional Gaelic ballads and started classical training shortly after. Eventually her influences shifted to Bob Dylan, The Cranberries and the ultimate image chameleon, Madonna.

Abandoning classical music in college, she released her first album Armor followed by the more rock-influenced Alice Lost. Her overwhelming passion for what matters to her became a running theme in her songwriting when it came time to pen tracks for her latest EP.

“I dropped out of college so I could record my first album. Then I quit music for two years to bartend and go back to school,” Kat explains. “I realized that I couldn’t walk away from music. So I recorded My Kamikaze Heart, about my inability to walk away from the things I love.”

Released on November 23, 2010, the 7-song EP was produced by Anthony J. Resta and features the brass, assertive title track, which reached the Top 10 on FMQB’s AC Top 40 chart.

Already a multi-instrumentalist, tackling everything from vocals to guitar and keyboards, and a prolific songwriter, Kat is always looking for new outlets for her boundless creativity. She’s finalizing the launch of her own line of jewelry and trying her hand at photography. But music will always be her passion.

“I see myself a bohemian Judy Jetson with a bad attitude,” boasts Kat McGivern.  In a sea of cookie-cutter pop stars, this is one girl who’s not afraid to stand out.

McGivern has managed to escape me for the past few years. Her newest, 7-track EP, Kamikaze Heart hit stores last November and it’s actually her third album. It’s making it’s rounds quickly, though, already reaching the top 10 on FMQB’s AC Top 40 chart. All in all, the album’s not bad. It’s catchy and fun, but some of the lyrics are just way out there. Like, “We’re Just Keystrokes” with “So, forget it, boy, this booty don’t call.” Really? No.

But for what it’s worth, there’s a few really good tracks on this album, like the title track that will be permanently embedded in your brain, “Fall to Pieces” and “Dance with the Devil”. For now, McGivern’s got a great voice and an assured sense of style, she just needs to hone it in and do something with it. I have a feeling she’s a firecracker of an artist waiting for that ignition. She’s definitely one to watch. She gets a solid B from me.

You can keep tabs on her over on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and her site. You can also check out some the title track below. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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