The Bird and the Bee

I have come to find that my friends have excellent taste in music and that pleases me. Being bored with my music suggestion yesterday, I requested good bands from friends.

What did they give me? Some great fucking leads including The Bird and the Bee. The indie-pop/electronic duo from LA just makes me happy. Inara George (the bird) and Greg Kurstin (the bee) are my new BFFs. Seriously.

They have two albums of original works, their eponymous debut, and Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future, as well as a Hall & Oates tribute album, Interpreting the Masters: Volume One. They are all super, duper awesome! They find this eclectic mix of electronic beats, jazzy vocals, and an indie sensibility that I simply can’t get enough of.

The Bird and the Bee originally made their name back in 2006 when “Fucking Boyfriend” made it to the top of the US Hot Dance Club Play chart, the first track to do so with an explicit title. Yes, it’s that good. Apparently they’ve shown up in a ton of places including Grey’s Anatomy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Sex and the City: The Movie, Bones, and Funny People.

If you can get down to girly vocals a la Feist, Lily Allen, or Emiliana Torrini with a funky, fun side, definitely check out The Bird and the Bee. You can check out pretty much every song they’ve ever done over on their Myspace, but be sure to check out their site, too!

“Fucking Boyfriend”

“Love Letter to Japan”


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