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{February 18, 2010}   Johnny Weir and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

I am more interested in men’s figure skating right now than necessary, all due to a saucy little diva named Johnny Weir. Me, Lady Gaga, and Johnny Weir need to hang out. For serious.

Somehow, I started watching Be Good Johnny Weir on the Sundance Channel recently…I’m sure it was one of those “it came on after something else” scenarios, but quickly, I was launched headlong into the world of trash television. I’ve never been one to watch reality shows. I’m not a Jersey Shore watcher or a Whoever of Love fan, but I absolutely cannot get enough of Johnny Weir and his ridiculous antics.

The initial pilot is an hour long introduction to Johnny called Pop Star On Ice and opens with him in a blond wig in a bathtub with his best friend and roommate Paris Chilton. Hilarity and ridiculousness ensue, but there’s the serious side of the actual figure skating. From playing dress up in his famously controversial furs, to visits to the tailor, to his rivalry with peer skater Evan Lysacek,  and dealing with his overbearing Russian coach, Galina, there is never a dull moment. Johnny Weir is certainly not a dull person!

He grew in in Pennsylvania (represent!) and started skating in a frozen fucking cornfield! At the relatively late age of 12, Johnny started his life in professional skating, landing his first axel just weeks into training. He’s had some rough patches and dissapointments over the years, but Johnny’s made his way back to the Olympics. He’s made figure skating glamorous. What he lacks in athleticism, he certainly makes up for in performance. He’s over the top and I absolutely love him for it. Check out his short performance below.

Um, LOVE HIM! I can’t wait to catch his free skate, tonight on NBC. Also make sure to check out Be Good Johnny Weir on the Sundance Channel, Mondays at 10:30pm.

Also, see!? Lady Gaga! It was meant to be!


estetica says:

May be Johnny Weir and Lady Gaga should get married LOL.

I don’t think his style is preferable as an Olympic winner. I can see why Lysacek won.

Gaga and Johnny would be amazing together!
I think that he was heinously underscored simply for being who he is, which is ridiculous.

Nice looking template.  Which one are you using?

Johnnys outfit was a little out there the they had no right to comment on it the way they did.

His short program outfit? I personally loved the pink and back! Very Johnny. And you know if Galina’s okay’s it, then it’s okay, haha.

jrfrong says:

I do love me some Johnny. He owned the ice the other night–he just knows how to work the crowd. And I have even more respect for him now that I know he started skating at 12, on an icy cornfield as you point out as well. Can’t wait for tonight!


Aw, I know! On Be Good Johnny Weir he goes back to his old house and it’s literally a frozen field filled with corn stalks! I’m surprised he didn’t die!

Personally I was left having to question if it was even there or if NBC made up the thing about language cause to be perfectly honest I didn’t hear any swears and just thought Keene was trying to get White fired up for his victory run (or victory lap if you prefer) I’m on the east coast and didn’t hear anything. Find it interesting they were tough to hear without rewinding. But appearently they were there. And yes, NBC shouldn’t have played the convesation period.

jennifergsale says:

Are you watching Be Good Johnny Weir? ZOMG, the fabulosity!

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