Honeycut – The Day I Turned To Glass

Excuse me, I love them. And once again, I love Current TV for telling me about them. Three pieces with a full sound are a serious weak point for me. Also, Honeycut’s got it. What is “it” you ask? Well, it is THE FUNK.

Part of Quannum Projects, the San Franciscans are intertwined with such awesome people including Blackalicious, Chief XCel, and DJ Shadow. Unfortunately, since their first album, The Day I Turned To Glass was released in 2006, they haven’t released a full length album.


This album has a lot of the elements I wanted to hear in the new Sade album, Soldier of Love. It’s got some groovalicious tracks to make sweet love down by the fire to, total chill out, to tracks like “The Day I Turned to Glass”, very Blackalicious mixed with Gorillaz. Then, there’s “Aluminum City”. CANNOT get enough of this track! Or the strings in this track. Luscious! This album is downright sexy. It’s what Jamiroquai would be making now, had he not gone all creepy on us. It’s amazing how versatile this album is. The downtempo tracks are so chill and the upbeat tracks are so catchy and there’s just such a nice blend between the two.

From what I remember from that show on Current, they came together on a connection to soul and you can really tell. They go straight up bossa nova a few times. It makes me sad that more people don’t know who they are. Like Go Periscope, these guys are gonna be HUUUUGE. Make more music, Honeycut. Please. A!

Check them out over on their site.

“Aluminum City”

“Exodus Honey”


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