Sade – Soldier of Love

Yesterday marked the release of Sade’s first album in ten years, Soldiers of Love. This album is…terrible. It’s just SO BORING. It’s painful. This album is good for two things: 1.) Sappy love scenes in really bad movies and 2.) Elevators. I can see this being played in a lot of elevators. Slinky saxophone, simple beats, and Sade’s smooth vocals take me right back to 1984, and that’s never a good thing. “Smooth Operator”. The entire album sounds like “Smooth Operator”.

And seriously, there is a track on here called “Babyfather”. No joke there, folks. Is this a more classy way of saying “Babydaddy”? Is that a bad rap song yet? You think for only releasing six albums in almost thirty years…it would be better. It would be different. It should have evolved by now.

On the plus side, they’re still making music after thirty years. None of them have been in the news for sex addiction or a heroin problem. And, it’s remarkably well produced. Well, by all means, they should’ve gotten their practice by now. Also, I think this album has…mix-ability. I could see some sort of trip-hop collab goin’ on there. Someone, please remix this album. It could be nothing but an improvement.

If you like Sade, you might like this album. Probably because it sounds like EVERY OTHER ALBUM she’s ever done. Six albums of the same songs. Ugh. D

Sade’s Site


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