The Exposed

So, I swear I’ve heard of these guys before. I don’t know how or why or where, but I swear I have. Anyway, they added me over on the ol’ MySpace and they’re certainly diggable.

And…they played with Cock Sparrer! For reals!? They’ve also played with Rancid and the Bouncing Souls, but Cock Sparrer!? That is truly awesome. For those of you who don’t know of Cock Sparrer, go check ’em out here.

From what I hear in the few tracks listed on their MySpace, these guys kick some major ass. They’ve got all the best parts of punk, ska, oi, and even metal. It makes me want to be 15 again getting stomped to shit in a circle pit in 1000 degree heat in some field in Pennsylvania. Oh, the memories.

The Exposed have their first full length album, Welcome to Rebel City, out in March and they’ll be on this side of the pond for Warped Tour next year. (Hmmm….it’s been so long since I’ve been to Warped. That may have to change this year.)

Anyway, check out The Exposed at their Myspace, their Facebook, or their Twitter and commence grooving. It’ll keep the Mondays at bay.

The Exposed Video by The Exposed – MySpace Video.


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