Los Campesinos! – Romance Is Boring

So I really thought that these guys (and gals) had more albums than they do. Apparently, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed and Sticking Fingers Into Sockets don’t count.

Alright, for the sake of being correct for the masses: Los Campesinos! released their second feature length album, Romance Is Boring today! It’s so much fun! They’ve really evolved from that hyperactive, messy indie noise and have this excellent razor-edged punk sound going on, but with enough melodic female harmonies to make up for it. It’s a surprisingly good blend.

This album has a little bit of everything. From guest appearances from  Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart, Parenthetical Girls’ Zach Pennington, and Dead Science’s Jherek Bischoff to the horns, strings and distorted guitar of the Welsh(ish) septet, this album has a myriad of flavors to be had. Indie goes punk to early 90’s synth-pop and back again.

I’m absolutely addicted to “A Heat Rash in the Shape of the of the Show Me State; or, Letters From Me to Charlotte” right now. One of the poppiest tunes on the album (sans the song below, “There Are Listed Buildings”), it is downright catchy. Gotta love that Modest Mouse inspired name as well. This album really builds well…I find myself getting more and more into it the longer it goes on and the more plays I go through. It’s refreshment in the face of mass produced, radio wonders. With albums like this though, it’s only a matter of time before people realize how awesome Los Campesinos! are. A for you, Los Campesinos!

The Los Campesinos! Site

“There Are Listed Buildings”


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