International Call Day for Lolita #2 – January 23, 2010

Thanks again to everyone who called in for the first International Call Day for Lolita in September, now we’re asking you to call again. This past September, over 100 people worldwide called the Miami Seaquarium asking them to retire Lolita and release her to be with her family in Puget Sound, Washington, prompting them to actually close their phone lines and designate a button to press if you wanted to talk about Lolita!

Please call the Miami Seaquarium on  January 23, 2010 to let them know that her illegal confinement will not be tolerated. You can contact them at (305) 361-5705. If the line is busy, try back in a few minutes!

If you’re not sure of what to say on the phone, you could say something like:

“Hi, I’m calling from [your city] and I am concerned about Lolita’s living conditions. her tank is sub-standard according to APHIS and about the size of a standard hotel swimming pool. My family and myself will be boycotting your aquarium until Lolita is retired and released.”


“Please retire Lolita the killer whale. I understand she is important to your business, but she has been in the same small tank for 40 years now. Her family is still alive in the wild and there are thousands of people willing to pay for her retirement. Captive dolphins and whales have been released before very successfully and Lolita is a great candidate. Until she is retired, my family and I have decided to boycott Miami Seaquarium.”

And really, people, you know this isn’t in vain…YOU are the ones that plugged their phone lines, YOU are the ones who prevented the Seaquarium from winning a spot on TV with Nickelodeon. YOU can do it again!

Also, in Lolita news, check this out from Shelby Proie with Save Our Oceans Now:

Finally, everyone that wants to help Lolita but doesn’t live in Miami or even the United States now can!  Thanks to Niki we are starting an international day to protest for the retirement of Lolita, the lone captive orca kept in an illegal sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium.   On Saturday May 15th we are looking for city captains from all around the world to organize a protest (in front of a captive facility, city center, or busy town square) to show the Seaquarium that people from all over the United States and the WORLD want to see Lolita retired back to her native waters off the coast of Washington.  Pictures and videos of the protests will be broadcast and then sent to the Seaquarium.  I’m sure local media will get involved and we will raise more awareness than ever about Lolita’s plight and why she must be retired.

If you are interested in being a city captain and organizing a protest in your city please contact me: and I will get back to you with the details!  Let’s all fight for Lolita and show the Seaquarium and the WORLD we are not backing off until Lolita is retired!

So on January 23, 2010, please take just a moment out of your busy day to call for Lolita. It only takes a minute of your time, but you’ll do so much good! Thanks, everybody!


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