Mikey Shanley – GAga Night

Miami resident, beach bum, DJ, and all around good guy Mikey Shanley is at it again with his new EP, GAga Night. It’s been strange to see Shanley go from eyeliner-ed emo rocker to happy hardcore to house and everything in between, but house music seems to be where Shanley finds home. Maybe it’s the Miami nights, the clubs, the sand and the heat that makes beats like this. They’re rough, they’re rich, they’re sexy, and goddamn are they dance-able. From the press release:

“It’s 80 degrees in Miami Beach right now, and while most would kill for a South Florida beach in late November Mikey, just across the street from the sandy salvation, is in his recording studio putting the finishing touches on his EP entitled “Gaga Night”; which will be available for free via mikeyshanley.com in late December. Mikey’s EP has a funky futuristic house sound with a banging techno groove and psy-trance, electro bass lines. This EP is packed with enough glow stick power and thumping warehouse beats to keep party people going as the sun comes up.”

That is absolutely correct. While this EP is definitely made for DJs by a DJ, it’s shockingly listener-friendly. When you find an album with such technical prowess, you also find all those long, naked gaps. I know, they’re for mixing, but I don’t wanna hear the same beat 64 times. Shanley finds that happy medium, and it carries throughout the entire five track EP.

While every track on this album is fantastic, “GAga Night” and “My Soul” are the gems. They ARE house music. From electro to deep soul, this album has a little bit of something for every house head. Filled with luxuriously rich beats…it’s like taking a hot bath in house music.  Buildups are spectacular, drops are well placed, this album is…awesome. It’s just awesome, dammit. So get check it out at Mikey Shanley’s MySpace, streaming for free RIGHT NOW! A!


6 thoughts on “Mikey Shanley – GAga Night

  1. Great Review. And His Tracks Are Banging.
    Love Those Dirty Electro House Tracks 🙂
    Mikey Keep It Up!!!
    Not only is he a damn good Dj He is a Great Producer Also.

  2. Aww stellar review dear, I thank you so so much. Since the release I haven’t stopped even for a second. I’ve got a few tracks lined up for 2010 already. I’m also working on getting some local singers in the studio for something really cool.
    It really is a growth process; especially when you wear all the hats (creator, producer, engineer, mastering engineer, promoter and marketer), and this being my first official release as a dance producer I wanted the dust of the warehouse in these tracks. I think you captured that well. This made my week!

    For those interested, the general listener versions are on my myspace, able to DL for free, and the DJ versions (for mixing) will be available for purchase soon.

    I’ll be on internet radio this Sunday, info @ my site, tune in!



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