Jack’s Mannequin – Daily Show 11/19/09

So I actually stayed up to watch Jack’s Mannequin on the Daily Show last night, which is amazing for me because I’m prematurely elderly and go to sleep at 9:30 most nights. It was absolutely worth the lack of sleep.

This song is amazing…
And Andrew McMahon’s voice is better than ever. The change from the album version to this live version are absolutely astounding. Both are amazing, but this version is just so… incredible.

I have a shameful emo girl crush on Andrew McMahon. And his goddamn hipster beard. I’m not even that into facial hair (unless it’s a soul patch) and for some reason, I just can’t get enough of the hipster beard. WTF is wrong with me!?

Alright, once again, I can’t get this video to embed for the life of me, so go check it out here.

You can check out the info on his documentary here and stalk him here and here. Seriously, go watch that video though, it will rock your socks clean off.


One thought on “Jack’s Mannequin – Daily Show 11/19/09

  1. Great minds think alike (and so do we), That Girl – I was just at this post of yours on Jack’s Mannequin, via WordPress tags, minutes before I did my own! We’re far from alone, it seems. Good work.

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