Go Periscope

Go PeriscopeHolla…where my ravers at? Meet Go Periscope

Even their name just kinda makes me happy. This young, energetic Seattle, WA duo is preparing to release their first, self-produced,  self-titled album.

While Florin Mehedinti and Joshua Frazier began experimenting with music and production at an early age, they didn’t begin work on their first album until the summer of 2008. I’ll tell you what though, these guys have really stormed onto the music scene…already in the process of releasing an album and on not one, but two radio stations, Fusion Radio Chicago and C89.5 Seattle.

They’ve also gone all Lily Allen on us…seriously, what the hell did bands do before the internets? Not matter where you are…Go Periscope is there with you on Myspace, Facebook, Last.fm, Vimeo, Twitter, AND PureVolume. I can hardly keep up with a Myspace and a blog, shit!

These guys are fresh-faced enough that they could really go either way. Currently, they’re releasing soul-pounding beats with catchy, pop-tastic vocals in a neatly wrapped, radio-ready package. What’s a label not to love? They’re definitely marketable. With their years of experience though, they could easily dive into really making this their own music and really reach the outskirts of experimentation with their beats. Use that mass-media marketability to really bring a new light to the current electronic music scene. Right now, I hear heavy influences of David Guetta and the later years of Daft Punk, as well as 80’s new-wave like New Order and early Pet Shop Boys. (Read: fun!)

Alright, first off, check out that crowd. Granted, there were other performers there, but no matter who those people came to see, they were groovin’ out for Go Periscope. They’ve certainly got a stage presence as well. I’m not gonna lie…I love the Florin fist-pump. I think the only way that you wouldn’t be dancing is if you didn’t have a pulse.

They’ve got a few tracks available on all those various sites, from the infectious “Crush Me” (above),  to the shamelessly sexy “Breathe Deception”, to the stompy “No Chaser”. Go check ’em out.

Aaaand…watch this video:

Such silly boys! Go support your emerging electronic artists!


6 thoughts on “Go Periscope

  1. yes! i have just recently discovered go periscope and i am really enjoying their stuff! excellent dance music

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