The Shins – “Australia”

Today readers, for your aural and visual pleasure, I present to you…

The Shins

I absolutely love this song…and this video from Blogotheque. I believe that this is the first time I have actually seen The Shins and quite frankly, they look nothing like I thought they would. James Mercer has one hell of a beard. I don’t know…in my mind he was a clean cut little kid in a leisure suit. It just kinda blows my mind.

Anyway, I do love this video and the artsy-fartsy quality to it. Sorry for the short post today, but I promise I have lots more, musically related things coming your way including Owl City, The Postal Service (could there be another faceoff?!), and Jack’s Mannequin. God I’m an emo bastard.


5 thoughts on “The Shins – “Australia”

  1. That was quick.

    I laughed at your claims in your second Jack’s Mannequin post to being prematurely elderly. You now have the dubious distinction there as well of sharing musical tastes with a guy almost exactly twice your age on the calendar – though half of it, perhaps, in his taste in cereals and cartoons…

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