Weezer – Raditude

Weezer - RaditudeOh noes! Who are you people and what have you done with Weezer!? You go back to your home on alien whore island!!!

In case you couldn’t tell, I think this album is no good but I have been tainted by Pinkerton, folks. Don’t listen to a word I say.

The album starts off with the single-worthy “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” then quickly goes downhill from there. Oh Rivers, what have you done!? The next track, “I’m Your Daddy” falls somewhere between lust filled 13-year-old boy and pedophile. It’s really an uncomfortable situation all around. I’d say that the only other absolutely terrible tracks would be “Love Is the Answer”, an odd turn for Weezer with a decidedly ethnic sound and “I Don’t Want To Let You Go”, and overly dramatic high school ode to heartbreak.

The other tracks just…miss. “Let It All Hang Out”, “Put Me Back Together” and “Tripping Down the Freeway”, are not bad for being just more radio-friendly hits. This is an album for the mass media. This is worse than Make Believe.

Gone are the days of Pinkerton, Blue, and even Green. Rivers Cuomo doesn’t care about you, he cares about his wallet and a big house in Beverly Hills. (I know, I know, bad joke…) Where’s the truth? The sarcasm? The hidden pop-culture Easter eggs? That was the thing about Weezer…no matter if you liked them or not, you could RELATE to them. They had something for everyone.

This album is utterly void of Weezer-ness and just plain forgettable. You will not see my index fingers and thumbs poised in the air as a sign of my fan-dom. I’m going to go listen to Blue to make myself feel better now.

Weezer, you make me sad. D

Weezer’s Site

Wait, edit. One good thing about this album? Working with Sara Bareilles. And she talks about Slayer…you’re welcome, JY.


4 thoughts on “Weezer – Raditude

  1. Hey Amanda…

    I agree. I sat down with this album yesterday and I could hardly get through the whole thing. I just can’t believe THIS is where they’ve gotten themselves to. I *do* enjoy the first song on the cd… but every other song is forgettable. And sorry to disagree, but I hate Sara Bareilles too. 😉

    Good review!

    1. You know, while looking for videos yesterday, that song did grow on me. What can I say, it’s catchy…but forcibly so.

      And thanks…I guess I’ll just have to disregard that Sara Bareilles comment, haha.

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