Alone Together

Alone TogetherSo, a few weeks ago, I get this request on Myspace from this artist, Alone Together, asking me to come check out his music. Unfortunately, it was logged into the queue and forgotten about for a few weeks.

Today, while I had some spare time, I find this link again and go check it out. So what was it? Japanese gabber, mash up madness.

So, from what I can gather from Yuki Ota’s Myspace, this is a mash up, collaborative effort and he has his own Japanese radio show called Radio Alone Together or Radio Eigekai. That might mean the same thing in Japanese? Working with two MC’s, Osui and Take, they do this radio program as well as live shows.

Apparently there are a couple of albums out, The Beginning of Human, and Broken Piano. They’re also on a couple of compilations, it looks like.

They’re really interesting, actually! Feed Girl Talk a bunch of meth and make him Japanese and I bet this is what you’d get. Craziness!

They’re also all about the free download, so go check out their Myspace for some free, crazy, Japanese tunes.

Or, you can check out these videos:

Alone Together – Live at Gelman’s

The Beginning of Human

You can also find more videos on YouTube. I had one hell of a time finding them by name alone, so try Alone Together Broken Piano, or Alone Together Beginning of Human for better results. Enjoy!


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