Faceoff: David Guetta vs. Felix Da Housecat

David Guetta SpinningFelix Spinning

The time has come for the HOUSE MUSIC FACEOFF! Two completely different sides of the world. David Guetta vs. Felix Da Housecat! Paris vs. Chicago! London vs. LA!

Guetta’s One Love and Felix’s He Was King were both released on August 21, this was just meant to happen people.

David Guetta - One LoveLet’s start off with Guetta. First of all, Guetta has always been that guy who made music for other people. He remixed and produced and made the magic happen…for everyone else. Even now, working with prominent artists like Kelly Rowland (just sayin’, in a vocal battle, Kelly Rowland could kick Beyonce’s ass) and Akon, and remixing a song that he produced for the Black Eyed Peas, I think Guetta’s finally gonna make it big in the states. Damn near every song on this album makes me wanna dance. It has this early 90’s radio edit Euro vibe goin’ on. Guetta’s bringing club music back to mainstream America. He knows what’s up. He’s been a chart topper in the UK for years, it’s about damn time he does something over here. As for the album, it’s super funky, heavy ass beats with a slightly hip-hop touch on the vast majority of the tracks. In other words, it’s a whole lotta fun. This is the kinda album that gets every slutty chick on the dance floor.

Seriously, check this shit out:

“When Love Takes Over” official music video:


Then there’s this, “Gettin’ Over” official music video:

Holy electro, Batman! Where the ravers at!? This song makes my heart hurt and I’m not even on drugs. I think I would explode if I was. This whole album is amazing…it’s one of those where every song is good. Except for “Choose” because it really sounds like “…you wanna make me shoes”. Ne-Yo needs to learn how to enunciate, bad.

Felix Da Housecat - He Was KingOnto Felix Da Housecat! I’ve loved Felix since the Kittenz and Thee Glitz days (c’mon, who doesn’t remember “Phantasy Girl”!?) and it kills me to say that this album is a huge disappointment.  I guess I can understand where he’s going with it. Futuristic, mechanical vocals, epic, spacey beats. The vocals really ruin this album for me, though. The only song that really redeems this album is “LA Ravers”, and that’s because there are no vocals to fuck up, sans the brief robot noise at the beginning. It’s got that funky electro beat…

“LA Ravers” (Not an actual video, just the song.)

And I mean, if you wanna see how bad this album goes, check this out:


Now this song just annoys me. WTF, Felix? So, this is like, you’re 12th album, that’s no reason to start churning out crap.

David Guetta FTW!So, I think it’s safe to say that David Guetta is the clear winner of this battle. I’m sorry, Felix. I really am. Maybe that will entice him to make better music. If you would have asked me before I listened to these albums who the winner would be, I would have said Felix, hands down. Well, I have certainly been proved wrong.


6 thoughts on “Faceoff: David Guetta vs. Felix Da Housecat

  1. Wow, sorry about my broken English in the last post. I was still drunk from the night before and sitting in the Florida sun. Not only was it hot, but the glare on the laptop screen made it very hard to see much of what I was doing.

    I’m drunk again. Happy Labor day!

  2. living in Miami Beach I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing both fairly often in two years. Felix is a great DJ. He brings back that old house vibe. David is definitely more or a producer. He makes hype tracks and that it. That all it needs to be anyways. Big time energy tracks that will make it onto the radio and that everyone will know the words to by the time Ultra come around in 2010. I love the fact the David does this, but a lot of underground heads don’t. For example, I played a Guetta remix (among other high energy track from producers like DJ Dan) at a competition (oddly held on Aug 21) and although I erupted the dance floor I still lost. Why? Because I didn’t warm up the crowd with 4 hours of Tech House. Not to say all tech house is low key and boring, or that warming up the crowd is bad, but coming out hard and balls to the walls like DJ Irene or Donald Glaude is just looked at as tacky. It’s tacky if you think about it too much. Furthermore, warm up the crowd? For what? They came to dance and let go, not hold back.
    Peak hour tracks rock, good job Manda and rock on Guetta. Felix, I LOVE YOU MAN, maybe next time.

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