BeckSo I always enjoyed Beck, but never really knew exactly how awesome  he was. I got Mellow Gold when it came out, I thought it was a fun album, but apparently I missed when Beck got the funk.

I’ve been hopelessly hooked on The Information, Midnight Vultures, and Modern Guilt recently. I really don’t even know how it happened. One day I was just like, “Hey, I like Beck, I should get his entire discography”. And so it goes…

Discovering Beck has led me to believe that he is one weird fucking dude, in a good way. Multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, patron saint of funky pants, and…Scientologist? I’ll just have to let that one slide I suppose.

His musical style changes as often as his hats, which is awesome. Each album has it’s own distinct vibe, sometimes pulling inspiration from other albums, but all in all, it’s own.

Here, have some videos. Everyone likes videos! Plus, Beck makes me happy when he dances.

“Nausea” – Live on Letterman:

Beck on KCRW doing “Gamma Ray”. This song reminds me of Marcy Playground. A lot. But John Wozniak is way cuter. (See?) In the “Sex and Candy” video, he looks like Kyle McLaughlin in Blue Velvet and it makes me a little swoony. But I digress…

“Hell Yes” – Live at The Sound Academy. I find this utterly entertaining. It’s like they were just like, “Hey, let’s put a bunch of completely awkward, geeky guys on stage and see what happens!” Viva la geek.

Beck’s Myspace
Beck’s Site

Check back tomorrow for the HOUSE MUSIC FACEOFF!!!! David Guetta’s One Love vs. Felix Da Houscat’s He Was King!


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