Rant: Drug Companies, Health Insurance, and Birth Control

Birth Control

So today, I went to my gynecologist for my mid-year checkup and to get more birth control. I get there to find out that the price for my birth control has MORE THAN DOUBLED. This is not through my insurance. My insurance pays for the office visit, but I buy the pills through the clinic. My birth control went from $12.50 per month to a staggering $25.50 per month. In a matter of six months! Fucking Christ! That’s $306 a year for birth control. I just keep reminding myself that it’s still cheaper than having a baby, but seriously, WTF!?

I have never understood health insurance not covering birth control, but covering shit like Viagra. Seriously. The cost of the average pregnancy/child rearing is WAY MORE THAN SOME FUCKING PILLS, buddy! Delivery alone, a normal, healthy delivery is estimated at $7,737, that’s TWO YEARS worth of birth control. That doesn’t even include all those doctor visits and prenatal care. That is delivery, provided that everything goes smoothly.

I did get a notice from my health insurance a little while ago telling me that they now “covered” birth control. Bull shit. My copay can be anywhere from $20 for generics to $150 for stuff like Seasonique. The one and only birth control that I have ever found that I actually liked (which I am not on because the clinic doesn’t have it) is $60 a month! I’ve just been sucking it up and taking something else because it was cheap and effective.

I’m going to have to call my health insurance later to make sure that it’s only going to be $20 per month, but if it is, I’ll start getting it through them. It may not seem like a lot, but that’s a savings of $66 over the course of the year.

It’s just so frustrating and I’ve hit this point of, “What can I do?”. Even going through a fucking clinic has become outrageously expensive. You know, you see these women with tribes of fucking children because they didn’t have the goddamn sense to use contraceptives, or if they did, they didn’t use it correctly and got pregnant anyway. I understand that no contraceptive has 100% effectiveness, and that the pill fails sometimes even if you do take it correctly, and for those women, I am truly sorry. But back to the beginning…where the fuck are these women getting the money to pay for all these children? Me. You. All the other fucking taxpayers. Because I have the fucking sense to take my birth control every day because I know that I do not want children, I pay out the ass.

And you know what fucking sucks? I would get a tubal ligation in a FUCKING HEARTBEAT and no doctor will do it because a.) I’m only 24 and b.) I don’t have any children. I will sign your fucking waivers, I will not sue you in the event that I decide I do want children (fat chance). It’s just so frustrating! It’s my fucking body, why can’t I do with it what I want to fucking do with it!? If fact, you can take ALL MY GODDAMN ORGANS! Give them to someone who wants them. Just give me some drugs so I don’t grow a mustache and I’ll be fucking golden!

I need to look into other forms of birth control I think. Rings and IUDs and patches and shots and that Mirena mushroom thing and just some other fucking options. Anyone have any comments about those? Have something full of hormones shoved in your vagina? If you do, let me know how it worked out for you.


35 thoughts on “Rant: Drug Companies, Health Insurance, and Birth Control

  1. Abstinence may be against human’s intrinsic nature of having carnal desires. But so is pregnancy, why avoid it by using some artificial methods. Or outright killing the innocent before they see the light. Just a thought for those who love being natural and therefor do not like artificial control over their libido.

    1. Because it’s not about “being natural”. It’s about being reasonable. Abstinence is completely unreasonable and will inevitably fail. Pretending anything else is naive and damaging.

    2. Actually, having read this again, I’d also like to know how pregnancy is against human’s intrinsic nature toward carnal desire? There’s only a brief window where you can’t indulge.

  2. no one chimed in on this, and since i don’t want that girl with a blog to be abstinent, what’s going on with the FDA approval for MALE BIRTH CONTROL?!? not that i want to remember a pill every day (i almost always forget to write the rent check the day it’s due), i hear its a lot safer and more effective. no active sperm, no active babies! so until then, keep punchin me in the nuts and i’ll keep kicking you down the stairs. (definitely the most FUN birth control method!!!)

    1. The problem they’ve been having with male birth control is it’s a lot easier to stop one egg than it is to effectively stop millions of sperm.

        1. That’s interesting. I have a single friend that’s 32 and he can’t get a doctor to give him a vasectomy for the life of him. They all tell him he’s not married so he might change his mind. No lie.

  3. I only wish I could opt for a shot or IUD or something. Thing is, I DO want kids, but I can’t do it until we’re in a place where we can afford fertility help. And that’s nowhere near. So the birth control is to maintain proper functioning. Which works but the only one that works for me is $70 a month w/out insurance. I don’t understand why they do it this way, either. Even with insurance, I don’t think I’ve had a pill that cost me less than 20 a month. So right now I’m in this messed up place where I can’t get pregnant, I don’t menstruate normally on my own, and I can’t afford the pill to stop me from slowly moving further and further away from the whole family thing. So yeah.

    1. I bet it was probably for serious. I really don’t think Adam would appreciate my abstinence, hahaha. That sucks about your situation, Jenelle. Why is it always that people who would actually make good parents never seem to be able to have kids. Then there’s people like me. See, I can’t have children because I would eat them like a mother hamster and as far as I know (according to my family history), I am one fertile bitch. Thankfully, I have an appointment next week to have the evaluation for my Mirena. Provided everything goes well at that appointment, I should have a small chunk of plastic in my who-ha very shortly.

      1. Even not knowing you’re married that comment would have made me mad. Stupid abstinence pushers. Like human nature isn’t something to be accounted for. Sorry. Just dumb.

        Consuming your own offspring, huh? If that ever happens, can I tape it and make it into a music video?

    1. You can obviously tell they would be yours. You can’t even capitalize or spell a simple word like ‘what’, or ‘minor’. Those poor children.

      Or you might just be some idiot 12 year old. That is most likely. Maybe even one of the children in that picture.

  4. Insurance wouldnt cover my annuals, which were $200 a year, and required to get my prescription filled. After I paid that, I had to pay 50 bucks a month for my pills, because they were the only ones i liked. I gave up on taking them because I am a broke college student. I could hardly afford it, so it just didnt seem like it would be worth it to take them anymore. I quit taking them for a few months and now, due to outrageous birth control costs, I am 4 months pregnant!

  5. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

  6. Oh my god, I had the same thing happen. I asked my Dr. last year for an IUD and she refused to do it because I was 24 and had no kids, so I started Nuvaring. I was pregnant 3 months later….I know, I know always use two forms of BC but c’mon!!!! Damn healthcare system and their hoops.

  7. Girl we do carry the pills you like and ours is tops $20.00 per pack at Planned Parenthood of W. PA (self promoting I know)….I cant believe where you go raised them that much in one year….did you or Adam get a raise in income? But I have to say blame the companies that produce it they raised the prices on us double in one month. We havent raised them and I dont think they are going to but you never know. Go for the Mirena (5 years) or the paraguard (10 years), I personally am thinking paraguard……..but they want me to get a period first WTF! I havent had one of those in 13 years. Depo rocks that way.

    1. Yeah, one of these days, we need to talk about these things, haha. At least because of all of this, I’m looking more into alternative forms that aren’t the pill. I seem to be leaning toward Mirena, but I need to talk to my insurance and my doctor to see what’s going to be cheaper.
      That sucks that they want you to have a period. 😦

  8. I love my IUD, Or IUC as they are calling it now. I’m gonna get my replaced soon cuz mine needs to come out in October. I’m gonna have to go to planned parent hood because I have no job and no insurance now. Mirena Rocks my world!!!
    But, It hurt really, really bad to have put in. I would take the rest of the day off when you get it done. If you haven’t had kids, streching the cervix sucks real, real bad.

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