Hyper-Chondriac: One Man’s Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down – Brian Frazer

Hyper-Chondriac - Brian FrazerHow to decscribe Brian Frazer? Brian Frazer is quite frankly a little bit of everything…body builder, standup comedian, author, nutcase, and author somewhere along the lines of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs.

In his self-deprecating memoir, Hyper-Chondriac: One Man’s Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down, Frazer retells his life story filled with neuroses, family, medication, alternative medicine, marriage, anger, violence, tragedy, and comedy.

Chronicling his journey through life thus far, this is the story of Frazer’s quest for inner calm. It begins with an animated account of his dysfunctional childhood. When little kids were playing Little League, Frazer was concocting new diseases and seeing his very first hypnotherapist. Is that a children’s book yet? My Very First Therapist? If not, it should be.

Frazer definitely has some anger-management issues at the beginning. The man will threaten anyone from dog walkers, to neighbors, to fellow drivers. Even himself, from time to time.

Not to spoil anything for you, but a guy actually shits in his driveway. SHITS IN HIS DRIVEWAY. That’s some revenge if I’ve ever heard it.

Frazer delves into a search for the ultimate relaxation. Everything from yoga, Kabbalah, knitting, pharmaceuticals, tai chi, anger management, and even puppies.

If you can’t be saved by puppies, you cannot be saved!!!

This book is absolutely hysterical, especially when you can appreciate neuroses as much a I can. The guy’s a total nutcase, in the best sense of the word. It takes some balls to put all that out there on paper for the whole world to read.

I flew thorough this book. I think it took me about two or three days to finish. It’s a quick, fun read and I look forward to reading more of his work. And dammit, I hope he can calm down someday, but he amuses me so just the way he is.

Also, just found out he has a Myspace. Check that shit out.


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