Sheep in the Big City

Sheep In the Big CityOh, Sheep In the Big City, how I miss you. While it ran for only two seasons, this was one of the greatest shows ever. At the time, it was the highest rated premier of a Cartoon Network original series.

Created by Mo Willems, Sheep In the Big City is exactly that…a Sheep in the big city. Fed up with Farmer John and rural life, Sheep goes to the big city! The lights! The buildings! The sounds! The…poodles? In the big city, Sheep meets Swanky, an upperclass poodle with a coat simply to die for.

Sheep In the Big City 2Amongst trying to track down his canine love, Sheep is being hunted by The Secret Military Organization’s henchmen, Angry Scientist, Private Public and General Specific, for their sheep-powered ray gun. (If I were to build a ray gun, it would be sheep-powered, no doubt.)

This show is absolutely bizarre and I really don’t think it was made for children. So much humor lost on those young ones. Sheep In the Big City regularly breaks down the fourth wall by making numerous references to the show’s script, structure, and premise.

Sheep In the Big City 3Example: After finally catching Sheep, General Specific brings him to the lab to be hooked up to the sheep-powered ray gun. Angry Scientists then admits that the ray gun is actually not ready because he never thought that they would actually capture Sheep, with it “being so contrary to the set-up of the show”.

I miss the good old days of Cartoon Network, with their snarky attitude and mischievously inappropriate content…and Sheep In the Big City. They never even put out a DVD. I am forced the watch the same episode featured on a Powerpuff Girls DVD that I picked up at the Record Exchange, FOR A DOLLAR! (Gotta love that place.)

Some Sheep In the Big City for your enjoyment:


(See pictures for links on Sheep In the Big City!)
And to see what Mo Willems is up to these days, check out his site, here.


3 thoughts on “Sheep in the Big City

  1. And to top it off it’s actually an intelligently written show. The jokes are really clever and not just based on wordplay.

    It managed to stay interesting with every single episode, which is rare to non-existent in today’s shows on CN.

    I’d say with the exception of Sheep reruns and Samurai Jack, there aren’t any quality original programming currently airing on the network.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

      1. Irregularly and mostly at odd hours, yes, they still show it.

        I’m still dying to get the full soundtrack for the series. The “official” soundtrack only contained selected tracks. SJ was maybe the best animated series to make use of background music.

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