An Update on Lolita

Lolita's Illegal TankSometimes the links for Lolita are weird. If they are, try these:

Best Tourist Attraction:

Best Day Camp:

If that doesn’t work, type “go city kids miami” into your search bar and find a site that looks like this:
Go to the “Parent’s Picks” tab, pick Miami, then vote on the Best Tourist Attraction and Best Day Camp categories.

If we all vote for one, we’ll have the best chance of beating the Seaquarium! For Best Tourist Spot, vote Jungle Island and for Best Day Camp, vote for the JCC!

Also remember, that if you delete your history/cookies, you can vote however many times you want!

And in case you need it, please read the original blog! Visit for more information.
You still have ONE WEEK to do your part to save Lolita!


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