Some ACTUAL News, Please?

Saddam & JacksonBetween last night’s news and this morning’s, I have finally reached the limit on how often I can hear about Michael Jackson.

For fuck’s sake people, there is actual news occurring everyday and we’re missing it for what? A half-plastic, drug-addicted dead man.

Things that were pushed off of the NEWS, not the Today Show or Dateline, the regular fucking news:

1. The Iranian Election. Iranian oppIranian Riotsosition leaders have called for  the release of  people detained during the post-election protests. A “strongly-worded” statement on the Ghalamnews website has expressed their criticism of “attacks against innocent people, dormitories, and houses… and some shocking brutalities carried out by plainclothes forces supported by security forces” and also referred to the deaths of protesters “whose only crime was to object to the election fraud… at spontaneous several-million-strong demonstrations held in extraordinary peace and order. If their rights had been slightly respected or if the people had not been lied to or disrespected, the situation would have never turned to a national crisis.” They have called for an end to the security-state of Iran, let’s see who answers.

North Korea Missile Launch2. North Korea. Even after the UN Security Council condemned North Korea for the nuclear test explosion on May 25, 2009, and demanded that North Korea not “conduct any further nuclear test or any launch using ballistic missile technology,” the Pyongyang government launched SEVEN missiles on July 4, 2009. On Monday, the UN Security Council has a closed-door meeting that quite frankly, no one seems to know anything about. MAYBE IF IT WAS COVERED ON THE NEWS!?

3. Chinese Riots. China’s worst ethnic violence in years has been Chinese Riots going on since Sunday and who would’ve known!? More than 140 people are already dead with over 800 injured as Chinese riot police and Uighurs (a Muslim minority) clash in the streets of Urumqi. The Urumqi women have been rioting in the streets to save their husbands who have been arrested, beaten, abused, and tortured.

Everyday, we have people fighting, literally fighting to the death for simple rights, and here we are glued to our television sets because a pop-star died. It’s goddamn ridiculous.

On a completely unrelated note, please remember that you can still Vote NO on the Miami Seaquarium! You can vote once per day, so keep ’em comin’!


3 thoughts on “Some ACTUAL News, Please?

  1. I love the fact that someone besides myself feels this way about a pop stars death and the media coverage.

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