Vote NO to the Miami Seaquarium!!!

LolitaA repost from Shelby Proie of

Hello Friends,

Please take 20 seconds to vote AGAINST Miami Seaquarium – which cruelly houses Lolita, a captive killer whale, in a tank so small, it’s illegal to USDA standards.

Seaquarium is nominated for “Best Summer Camp Miami” and “Best Miami Attraction.”
Voting ends July 15 and you can vote once every day! No registration needed to vote.

Seaquarium is winning so far, and we MUST beat them down. We cannot let them win or they will be in a Nickelodeon Magazine and on Television!!!

Go to each link to vote AGAINST Seaquarium. Vote for any other place, except them!

-The best thing here is to vote for Parrot Jungle Island, because they are closest to the SQ.

-The best thing here is to vote for the JCC, they’re the closest competition.

Thank you very much! Our work will pay off someday soon!!
Lolita thanks you 🙂
Forward this and REPOST!!!

Thanks to everyone out there voting, Parrot Jungle is winning by1% for best tourist attraction! Keep those votes coming. SAVE LOLITA! And visit!

To see pictures of Lolita’s tiny tank, go here! The performance tank that you see is Lolita’s only home. It is less deep than she is long and she shares it with (currently) four dolphins, sometimes more.

Save Lolita and visit, today!

Update: (Thanks Adam!) If you clear the cookies and history on your browser, you can vote as many times as you want! CHEAT FOR A WHALE! Thanks.


7 thoughts on “Vote NO to the Miami Seaquarium!!!

  1. Thanks very much for reposting this! 🙂
    Great! I know we can beat the Seaquarium if we try hard!
    Seaquarium is disgusting and cruel!!! We can’t let them win!

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