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{May 18, 2009}   Ben Harper – White Lies For Dark Times

Ben Harper - White Lies For Dark TimesApparently Ben Harper is getting a lot of flack for his newest album, White Lies For Dark Times. Why? I’m not so sure…

Yes, he’s made an album with Relentless7 instead of the Innocent Criminals…is it a bad thing for an artist to try something new? Absolutely not!

This album kicks ass. It’s an engaging mix of wailing blues guitar, borderline punk rock drums, and “shake your groove thang” bass lines. Coupled with Harper’s raw voice, this album makes a classic.

It also has it’s acoustic ballads, typical of Harper, like, “Skin Thin”, “Fly One Time”, “The Word Suicide”, and “Faithfully Remain”. The other seven tracks on this album are pure, unadulterated blues and damn it’s good. “Number With No Name”, “Why Must You Always Dress In Black”, “Lay There and Hate Me”, and “Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)” have that bluesy groove that will have Harper keeping festival-goers grooving this summer in his extensive tour schedule.

I’d definitely recommend this album, but I love Ben Harper. If you’re into bluesy goodness, check it out. B


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