Ben Lee – The Rebirth of Venus

Ben Lee - Rebirth Of VenusAustralian crooner Ben Lee is at it again with his seventh studio album, The Rebirth of Venus.

If you’re looking for substance, this probably isn’t the album, or artist, for you, but the tunes are catchy and you can sing along.

“What’s So Bad (About Feeling Good)?”, “Sing”, and “I Love Pop Music” are enough to make you dance around singing into your hairbrush. That’s never a bad thing, really.

I guess this is Lee’s “I’m so sensitive” album? With songs like “Yoko Ono”, “Boy With A Barbie”, and “I’m A Woman, Too” it looks like Lee is getting in touch with his feminine side. If he wasn’t married to Ione Skye, I would think he was jumping the fence.

Lee tries his political side with “Wake Up To America” and fails miserably. You’re Ben Lee, really, no one cares about your political views. Stick to the sticky sweet bubblegum pop, it’s what people like you for.

All in all, this album is pretty weak. At least on prior albums, Lee supplemented his feeble lyrics with the catchy pop hooks that this album seriously lacks. C


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