Pet Shop Boys – Yes

Pet Shop Boys - Yes

The innovative “funny uncles” of pop have done it again with their newest album, Yes. You know, it’s really not fair to the rest of the music industry that these guys have been around for 25 years, have made 10 feature length albums, and still rock.

Neil Tennant’s voice will never age, I swear. He still has that floaty, seductive, yet happy voice that he did when they released Please in in 1986. This album proves that no matter your age, no matter your “status” in Hollywood, no matter when or where or who, with talent, you can still kick the shit out of any so-called musicians these days.

Granted, they have better albums. Chris Lowe can only make so many beats, for Christ’s sakes. You’re gonna have some repeats. Still, I think this album is essential to any pop collection.

Goddamn this album is good. It makes me want to dance in my office chair, which I don’t think my co-workers would appreciate. The clubs are going to be pumpin’ “Love, Etc.” , “Pandemonium”, “Did You See Me Coming?”, and “All Over the World” , no doubt. They’re danceable and fun and light. “All Over the World” actually samples Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”. Unless you are Neil Tennant and/or Chris Lowe, you cannot get away with this.

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT listen to “Beautiful People” on your headphones while walking through a city. You will be instantly transformed into “That Girl”. Warning: this album may cause dancing in the streets.

This album is a refreshing change from Fundamental, with it’s politics and paranoia, not to mention the ominous black case. Just look at the damn cover of this album. Looks like the boys were ready for a fun-loving, disco-filled summer album.

Seriously, go grab some friends, steal a convertible, and drive around in the sunshine listening to this album. Epic win, Pet Shop Boys!

There are a few darker songs on the album, like “Vulnerable”, “Building A Wall”, “The King of Rome”, and “The Way It Used To Be”, but Tennant’s voice just won’t let you get down on yourself. Yes, yes, yes…Lowe’s poppy disco beats also help.

The only complaint that I could possibly have on this album is it’s lack of forward direction. It’s hard to be cutting edge when you’ve done EVERYTHING.

This album makes me happy. A

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