The League of Super Evil

League of Super Evil Be afraid, be slightly afraid!

The League of Super Evil is SUPER AWESOME! This brand spanking new cartoon started on Cartoon Network about a month ago and it’s freaking hysterical.

The League of Super Evil (or L.O.S.E. for short) consists of four main dysfunctionally evil characters:

Voltar: Like a cross between Invader Zim and GIR, Voltar is hell bent on world domination and is incredibly, incredibly stupid. I must say that he does have a great evil-villain laugh, though. Voltar is the leader of L.O.S.E. and does most of the evil plot making, I’m not saying SUCCESSFUL evil plots, but evil plots nonetheless. Also, he wears a helmet and pees purple. Why? I don’t know, but I like it.

Doktor Frog: Dr. Frog is the mad scientist of the crew and seems to have some deep seeded fucked-up-ness about him. Perhaps it’s from having badly functioning 3-fingered robotic hands. I bet it’s really frustrating to pick up a penny with those bad boys. He’s the dark, mysterious, and possibly homicidal one of the group. Bonus: slightly foreign accent…key to being an evil supervillain!

Red Menace: Once a Siberian Farmboy, Red is now the muscled henchman of L.O.S.E. Don’t be afraid though, Red only uses his “anvil-sized fists of judgement” on truly evil people. How Red really fits into L.O.S.E., I’m not so sure. Perhaps he’ll develop a little more evilness as the series progresses.

Doomageddon: Once I get a new pet, it’s name will be Doomageddon, end of story. Doomageddon is a partially retarded hellhound. While he can shrink, teleport, grow, and turn invisible, he’s incredibly clumsy and drools a lot.

Then, there’s the henchbots…
Named 17 and 32, the henchbots of L.O.S.E. frequently malfunction and fall apart. They’re kind of like the Kenny’s of L.O.S.E….they die ALL THE DAMN TIME. They do have the super awesome job of providing Voltar’s evil theme music. However, most of the time, they just play what they want to play. They seem to have an odd fondness for polka.

I love this show. I have a severely twisted sense of humor.
You should check it out!

The League of SUPER EVIL!!!!!


11 thoughts on “The League of Super Evil

  1. league of super evil is a fail show next to invader zim zim plans are amazing and gr love for tacos is the best

  2. yeah this show did remind me of invader zim alot…like ALOT with the incredibly stupid plans..and the short alien thing XD yeah i think they perposly (i suck at spelling) made voltar like zimjust for attention

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