Rant: Just one of those days…

RageEver notice how sometimes everything that can go wrong, does?

Those are shitty days.

No, not just shitty days, those are the ever-lasting Gobstoppers of shitty days. Layers upon layers of brightly colored, shiny, candy shit.

Everyone has their issues, I know, but we are all the sweet little centers of our own sweet little universes. All those fuck ups and shitty days eventually become just bits of cosmic debris in our shiny happy universes, but when these days happen, it’s like a flaming asteroid of shit is just hurdling toward you at 1,000,000,000 miles per hour. Ever seen Dead Like Me? I should review that, it’s a good show.

Well, if you have, instead of calling me Toilet Seat Girl, you may now refer to me as Shit Asteroid Girl.

Thanks in advance.


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