Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You

Lily AllenWhen Lily Allen first came onto the American scene with her viral, Myspace fame, she was a breath of fresh air from all the same old shit that we’d been hearing for ages. Her debut album, Alright, Still was fun and campy and, hell, a girl could dance to it. Plus, just her! The bold, recycled prom dresses, Chucks, and that Cockney accent that makes her ever-so-adorable. It covered everything from stoner little brothers to sadly inadequate lovers. Allen stays in that same frame, but just does it a little better this time around.

This album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, covers everything from drugs to sex to fame and everything in between. She’s definitely taken on a more adult vibe, but never fear, all that sarcasm and wit is still there.

Although that sarcasm and wit is still there, she does cover some serious issues, including the dark side of drug use in “Everyone’s At It”, a non-existent youth in “22”,  broken family relationships in “Back To the Start”, and of course, the perils of fame in “The Fear”.

For those tracks, though, she definitely picks up the mood with lazy lovers in “Not Fair”, persistent jackasses in “Never Gonna Happen”, ignorance in “Fuck You”, and a Joan Osborne-esque take on god in, “Him”.

“Chinese” is a song all it’s own. This is a new one for Allen. No snide remarks about penis size, no pot references, no talk of hookers. And it’s GOOD! Who DOESN’T want to order Chinese and watch TV?! I guess she doesn’t need those big Cockney lady-balls to make good music.

All in all, this album, I dig. A

Lily Allen’s Website


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